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The power of choice.

It's good for your wallet & the planet.

Thanks to energy choice programs across the country you can now choose who supplies your energy and where it comes from. That's why we created greenelectric™, cleangas, and AmericanWind™. By choosing North American Power you will get great competitive rates that can save you money. We also offer a variety of renewable energy choices.
Now that's what we call power.

And, with our unique customer referral program you, like thousands of others, can make your financial dreams a reality!

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Low rates are just the beginning.

Have you ever heard of a power company that pays you? Or one that protects the environment and gives to charities in need? How about one that does all of the above while making sure you get the most competitive rates possible? Welcome to North American Power. Our Benefits go beyond power.

Way Beyond.

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Be your own boss.

The power to change your life.

Start a business with us and you could put your kids through college, save for retirement or gain total financial independence. Join the thousands of individuals just like you who have had their dreams realized simply by embracing our risk free customer referral program. It's easy, fun, and rewarding.

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Two couches and a dream.

From humble beginnings to the Forbes Top 100.

It all began with a 700 Sq. Ft. sublet, four people, two couches and one big idea: Great things happen when you give individuals the power to change the world around them. And, although we now have a world headquarters and thousands of representatives, we consider our greatest accomplishment being able to say that we've made so many people's dreams a reality.

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